MACS Collection of Microorganisms (MCM)

A Distinguished Repository of Anaerobes & Extremophiles

Mission of MACS Collection of Microorganisms:

  • to act as a repository of specialized microbial strains and offer services such as identification of cultures and training of personnel.
  • to supply microbial cultures on request to universities, research institutes and industries.
  • to act as a nodal centre of microbial bioresources and to create an inventory of microbial strains isolated from ecosystems in Western India.

As a Microbial Resource Synergy Hub (MaRSH)

The centre acts as a frontline research hub in Bioenergy through the development of new processes and strategies using the available resources at MCM. It conducts both basic and applied research in the areas of bioenergy including microbial diversity, taxonomy, genomics, proteomics, and other related areas.

As a Human Resource Development Centre

To establish and conduct workshops, seminars, symposia, and training programs in the areas of bioenergy, anaerobic and extremophilic microbiology, microbial identification, preservation and microbial ecology and systematics.